Festivities during which the banks of the Cher are animated by street shows, nature workshops, concerts, a craft, creative market, associative activities, illuminations … Want to sail on the waves? Futreau and canoe trips are also offered.

A festive weekend on the banks of the Cher

A summer outing by the water

In fact, this eco-friendly riverside festival fosters the art of spending time together and invites artistic discovery. Every year, the city of Véretz offers a programme of free events. Like street performances, nature workshops, boat trips on the Cher, concerts and much more. Each edition of the festival welcomes a craft and creative market with local partners.

Stroll to your heart’s content in the atmosphere of the “guinguettes”

Moreover, in a green and natural setting, you can enjoy an aperitif or a snack in the atmosphere of the friendly open-air “guinguette” cafés and bars. Time passes slowly, children laugh and there is a delightful atmosphere. It’s a little taste of the holidays before they begin.

Relaxation is one of the key words of this event, and what better place for it than the banks of the Cher. Whether you prefer to be on the move or simply relax and unwind, you will find something to occupy your day. At the water’s edge lounging in a deckchair, or on the water itself aboard the traditional “fûtreau” boat of Mariniers du Jean Bricau, it will do you good to amble along the waterfront and take in all the different views the Cher has to offer.

Canoe on the Cher-Véretz town hall

Traditional "Futreau" boat Jean Bricau - Crédit : F. Mailly

A finale of lights and fireworks

As night falls, the Quai du Vieux Moulin is adorned with creative lights, for a touch of poetry before the fireworks. Music and lights fill the air. These ephemeral starbursts of light are reflected in the waters of the Cher, for a magical memory.

Firework- Banks festival

Highlight by "Potes au feu"


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Sit back, relax and go with the flow…

Sit back, relax and go with the flow…


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