Whether you come for a short break or a longer stay, there is almost always something happening in our region. The effervescence of the bubbles in a glass of our sparkling wine reflects the dynamism of life here. Discover the many events that are held throughout the year!

European Heritage Days

Special days for heritage 17/09/2022 Montlouis-sur-Loire - Vouvray

“En effervescence” cycling excursions

A good reason for cycling 10/07/2022 Azay-sur-Cher


Stroll through the vineyards 04/09/2022 Vouvray

Festival of tomato and flavours – a new edition in September 2022

You'll see tomatoes of all colours, shapes and sizes 10/09/2022 Montlouis

On the way to “Nouvelles Renaissances”

The Renaissance as you've never seen ! 31/12/2022

guided discovery of the Loire

Saveurs et secrets de Loire – Flavors and Secrets of Loire river

An idea for the whole family 04/08/2022 Montlouis-sur-Loire

7 wines, 7 unusual places

7 wines, 7 unusual places

Take it easy in Touraine ! 05/08/2022 Vouvray

Night markets in Montlouis-sur-Loire

Take a stroll at nightfall 23/07/2022 Montlouis-sur-Loire

Vouvray Wine Fair

“Les Tuffolies”- A renowned wine fair

An event to taste! 12/08/2022 VOUVRAY

Picnic with an Independent Winegrower – Vigneron Indépendant®

Picnic with a Winegrower ! 06/06/2022 Vouvray

festival_de_jazz_montlouis - JC Coutand

Jazz in Touraine

A dynamic festival! 09/09/2022 Montlouis-sur-Loire

Fête du Printemps Bourdiaisere 2022

Festival of plants and Spring

For nature lovers! 16/04/2022 Montlouis-sur-Loire

Riverbank festival

A delightful moment on the banks 02/07/2022 Véretz

Rendez-vous at the gardens

Transmission of knowledge 05/06/2022 Vouvray

Troglovinum wine trade fair in Vouvray

Troglovinum – A wine fair in Vouvray

Winemakers are waiting for you ... 05/06/2022 Vouvray