Whether you come for a short break or a longer stay, there is almost always something happening in our region. The effervescence of the bubbles in a glass of our sparkling wine reflects the dynamism of life here. Discover the many events that are held throughout the year!

European Heritage Days

European Heritage Days

Special days for heritage 16/09/2023 Montlouis-sur-Loire - Vouvray

“En effervescence” cycling excursions

A good reason for cycling 10/07/2022 Azay-sur-Cher


Stroll through the vineyards 02/09/2023 Vouvray

Festival of tomato and flavours – a new edition in September 2023

You'll see tomatoes of all colours, shapes and sizes 09/09/2023 Montlouis

On the way to “Nouvelles Renaissances”

The Renaissance as you've never seen ! 31/12/2022

guided discovery of the Loire

Saveurs et secrets de Loire – Flavors and Secrets of Loire river

An idea for the whole family 11/08/2022 Montlouis-sur-Loire

7 wines, 7 unusual places

7 wines, 7 unusual places

Take it easy in Touraine ! 19/08/2022 Vouvray

Night markets in Montlouis-sur-Loire

Take a stroll at nightfall 23/07/2022 Montlouis-sur-Loire

Vouvray Wine Fair

“Les Tuffolies”- A renowned wine fair

An event to taste! 15/08/2023 VOUVRAY

Picnic with an Independent Winegrower – Vigneron Indépendant®

Picnic with a Winegrower ! 27/05/2023 Vouvray

festival_de_jazz_montlouis - JC Coutand

Jazz in Touraine

A dynamic festival! 08/09/2023 Montlouis-sur-Loire

Fête du Printemps Bourdiaisere 2022

Festival of plants and Spring

For nature lovers! 08/04/2023 Montlouis-sur-Loire

Riverbank festival

A delightful moment on the banks 02/07/2022 Véretz

Rendez-vous at the gardens

Transmission of knowledge 03/06/2023 Vouvray

Troglovinum wine trade fair in Vouvray

Troglovinum – A wine fair in Vouvray

Winemakers are waiting for you ... 05/06/2022 Vouvray