Holidays are also synonymous with adventure!
Go in search of geocaches or step up to the challenge of our rallies.

Geocaching :  a real treasure hunt for morderns times!

Who has never dreamed of once again experiencing the excitement of the great treasure hunts of our childhood?

Geocaching with the tourist office


Geocaching is a great treasure hunt that takes you on an unusual exploration of the region.

The principle is simple: equipped with a GPS, a tablet or simply a mobile, you have to find boxes (known as “geocaches”) hidden outside and more specifically in remarkable and unusual places




But before you start this treasure hunt, there are a few rules to follow…

How do you become a geocacher?

  1. Visit the official geocaching web site, sign up and choose an alias.
  2. To begin your adventure, you must look for your 1st cache on the site (make sure you have a GPS) or via the free application for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.
  3. Get your shoes on, don’t forget your bag and go to the GPS coordinates.
  4. Once there, you must find this famous box whose size may vary; some are absolutely tiny!
  5. Inside these boxes, you will find a logbook in which you should write your alias.
  6. If you find one or more “treasures”, (usually worthless trinkets), you can take this item as long as you replace it with another.
  7. Remember to put the cache back where you found it.
  8. Once your walk is over, all you have to do is log in again online to say that you have found the cache…

N.B.:  geocaching should be carried out discreetly. This activity can also be practised at night, in groups, with riddles, etc.

There you have it! You’re a geocacher… Go forth and play!


Our favourites caches:
  • Bellevue #1
  • The Gisèle circuit
  • In the heart of the vineyards
  • Ile de la Métairie

Share photos of your favourite caches at #montlouisvouvray


Challenge yourself with our rallies.

Experience up close the incredible natural diversity, get a feeling for both the traditional ways of life in our little cities, and taste the freedom and adventure during your stay.

On theses rallies you’ll dive right into the secrets of our territory. The rally is a friendly, fun and cultural moment to play alone, with family or friends.

Using a road book with several stages, you are invited to answer questions and solve games and puzzles to discover the treasures of our countryside.

You have the choice between 3 rallies around Montlouis and Vouvray.

“Entre Loire et Castelrenaudais” – Between the river Loire and the city of Château-Renault, follow the riddles and discover ten towns.

Click to download  the leaflet in French
“Entre Cher et Indre” – between the rivers “Cher” & “Indre”

Your challenge: answer the questions and explore the heritage of ten villages located between two rivers.

You will learn about the monuments, curiosities, or personalities that make up the wealth of these towns.

Click to download  the leaflet in French 
“Entre Cher et Loire” – between the Loire river and the Cher river.

Follow and resolve this rally, step by step and discover the rich heritage of these eleven villages located between the Cher and the Loire rivers !

So form your team and have a good  time !

Click to download  the leaflet in French

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