This traditional wine fair, the Tuffolies, takes you to the heart of the Vouvray appellation. The charming place, the warm welcome of the winegrowers, the discovery of wines: all favourable elements to spend a good time in Vouvray.

A wine fair in a great place.

For many years now, the Vouvray wine fair “les Tuffolies” has taken place in August. Usually installed in the troglodytic cellars of the Bonne Dame, the winegrowers present their latest vintages.

Flavours and wine

Do you like Vouvray wines? Welcome to “Les Tuffolies” then.

During this festival, the winegrowers are waiting for you to discover their latest vintages. Dry, semi-dry, sweet and traditional method, there is something for everyone.

Free admission or purchase of a tasting glass at the entrance.

Les Tuffolies wine trade fair 2023
Les Tuffolies wine trade fair in Vouvray 2023

Practical information : 4 days around the 15th of August.


For more information about our vineyard, pleased read this page.

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