Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its landscapes and chateaux, the Loire Valley has a unique lifestyle and world-famous vineyards. Montlouis and Vouvray are two appellations so similar and so different : a single grape variety but a varied terroir. An exciting place for oenophiles to visit.

Did you know ?

The wines of Montlouis and Vouvray are made from the Chenin grape (Pineau de la Loire). They can be still or sparkling, off-dry or sweet. The soil type are rocky hillsides on a substrate of tuffeau, covered with limestone clay.

The history of Montlouis vineyards dates back to the 5th century. As for the development of the Vouvray vineyards, it has been attributed to Saint Martin during the 4th century. The legend tells that he planted the vines near the Abbey of Marmoutier.

Besides, a part of the Loire Valley vineyards stretching along the majestic river of the same name. Moreover, you follow it along and visit underground villages, castles or gardens.

Hiking in the vineyards-©NB

Do you like to contemplate landscape ?

Sometimes called the “Garden of France”, Touraine was the country of kings and nobles. They built many chateaux for their pleasure and now for ours. Wines of the region include many famous appellations.

Between landscapes of vineyards, green valleys and historic cities, the choice is wide. Enough to live a unique experience !



Have you ever heard of the troglodyte cellars ?

In our région, a strange world is hidden beneath the landscape of riverside and rolling hills : the troglodyte galleries. People dug out these quarries for their tuffeau stone, which was used to build many of the Loire châteaux. They are ideal places for storing and tasting wine !

These tunnels of white tuffeau are home to exceptional wines. After visiting a troglodyte site, you can taste the wines. During summer, these troglodyte tunnels are refreshing.



Which food and wine pairings ?

Among the white wines, those made from the Chenin grape blend go perfectly with specific dishes.

Where the wines of Vouvray are fruity and floral, Montlouis-sur-Loire tends to express mineral notes of Chenin Blanc.

Pair sweet Vouvray with a tarte tatin or other baked apple dessert. A dry Montlouis as an apéritif, a dry Vouvray with «crudités» or seafood, a semi-dry Montlouis with white meat and ripe cheeses. Finally, a sweet Vouvray for a fruit dessert.

Serve Sparkling Vouvray with sushi, charcuterie or fried chicken.

Enjoy your meal !

3 different ways to taste wines :

  1. A underground wine cellar with a guided tour.
  2. A walk in the vineyards or riding bike paths.
  3. Vineyard and cellar by Segway.



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Visits to cellars and vineyards

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