To set your taste buds free, you should visit our markets and enter into our restaurants. French gastronomy is not a vain word if you are considering cooking as an art of living ! Local products are close at hand for satisfying pleasures.

Travelling for local flavours of a country…

Discovering Touraine also includes taking the time to (re)discover healthy ways of eating. While you wander around, you can visit food markets, offering mouth-watering treats. Fresh fruit, tasty honey, good goat cheese ; the best products from a rich terroir.

Local products, tasty and delicious ; no matter what you get in our markets, you’re bound to come away satisfied.  So many ingredients to grace your table, or your picnic blanket!

Local markets around, days and venues :

  • Montlouis-sur-Loire on Thursday Morning – Place François Mitterrand
  • Véretz on Friday Morning – Place des Droits de l’Homme
  • Vernou-sur-Brenne on Thursday Morning – Place de l’Eglise
  • Vouvray on Friday Morning – Avenue Maginot
  • Monnaie on Saturday Morning – Place J-B Moreau

What about the restaurants ?

Generous and gourmet, cooking here is an art of living. There’s a great variety of dishes in our restaurants. That includes a range of traditional and gourmet restaurants, serving quality eats inspired by local food.

Our chefs all have a common goal: to please you! Come and see for yourself!



Regional products : a feast for the palate…

Tasting Touraine rillons (tender pork morsels), savouring a Vouvrillon biscuit, drinking a glass of fine local sparkling. Filling your basket with organic veg or dairy products from our farms – what simple but satisfying pleasures !

Seek out our gastronomic stops and discover the culinary products that define our area. Moreover, our terroir, our local know-how, are to be found in local crafts.

Often refined, they reflect the spirit of their creators. In fact, in the Montlouis-Vouvray area, our craftspeople excel in pottery, ceramics and fine blown glass in particular.





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Local products and shops

Local products and shops

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Restaurants, bars and tea rooms

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