Be amazed by our majestic rivers, find your balance between self-discovery and pushing yourself to your limits, in a canoe or on a paddle board, or even let yourself be carried away by the gentle rocking of a barge.

What better an itinerary than?!

Let yourself be gently rocked and go with the flow

Row your boat, gently down the stream

Carried along by the current of the Cher or the Loire, as well as by an experienced guide, discover all the beauty and attractions of the Loire Valley: breathtaking landscapes changing with every season, varied and omnipresent fauna and flora, and a rich history and heritage.

Whether you choose to paddle while sitting in a canoe or standing up, trying to find your balance on a paddle board, adventure comes to those with an open mind!

Paddle - A.Clement

Canoe -M.Duchesne

Let yourself be gently rocked in a traditional “Fûtreau” boat

Sail down the Cher and see its fauna and flora while taking part in an original activity: a trip in a “fûtreau”, a type of traditional boat that has been sailing in the heart of the Touraine landscape for centuries.

Testimonies: I spent an amazing evening aboard the Jean Bricau tasting rillettes and a good glass of Montlouis/Vouvray.

You are presented with an alternative perspective – accompanied by guides passionate about heritage, you can let yourself be gently rocked by the region’s thousand-year-old history, the lapping of the water against the boat and the soft sounds of the Loire fauna encountered on the way: terns, ringed plovers, egrets, etc.

Lastly, discover typical dishes of the region (wines, rillettes, Tours nougat, etc.) against the backdrop of the sunset.

Go fishing in our rivers…

On board of the Jean Bricau - A.Clement



Rising with the sun, the tranquillity of nature and the lapping of the water – the ideal conditions to catch fish and ensure you snare your catch of the day.

Find a river, a lake or even a quiet spot on the banks of the Loire; a snack, one (or more) rod(s), a fishing permit and the adventure can begin!

Fishing on Cisse and Brenne valley - Cyril Chigot

Fish - Cyril Chigot

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Swimming pools and water activities

Swimming pools and water activities


The valleys of the Loire, the Cher and the smaller rivers

The valleys of the Loire, the Cher and the smaller rivers

Take them in

Change your point of view

Change your point of view

Take it easy!