The minutes, hours and days often go by too quickly, so why not take advantage of your stay to pause for a few moments and try to turn back the hands of time?

A true legacy & a renaissance of gardens in the Loire Valley

Take a few moments to admire the centuries-old châteaux, stroll along the garden paths, understand the subtleties of the weirs of the canalised Cher, or be amazed by the many curiosities that reflect the region’s history and are testimonies thereof.

To walk here is to inhale the intoxicating scent of the 2000 rose bushes of its Renaissance garden, and to take in the magnificence of the centuries-old trees of its park. An undeniable source of revitalisation!

It is not for nothing that Touraine has been nicknamed “the garden of France”. In Montlouis-Vouvray, you can wander through gardens and discover roses, dahlias, and even a vegetable garden with 700 varieties of tomatoes.

Surrounded by a 55-hectare park with extraordinary gardens including the famous Conservatoire National de la Tomate with 700 varieties of tomatoes, the Château de la Bourdaisière captivates visitors with its elegance.

Tomato Gardens - Château de la Bourdaisière - N.BRUERE

Dahlia- Château de la Bourdaisère - A. CLEMENT

At the bend in a path, there is the Château de Jallanges. This private historical site contains a park with centuries-old cedars and a 17th century chapel. To walk here is to inhale the intoxicating scent of the 2000 rose bushes of the Renaissance garden.

Rosary- Château de Jallanges

Château de Jallanges- Gardens- N.BRUERE

The gardens of the Château de Valmer have preserved their originality since the Renaissance. A stroll through five hectares of terraced gardens spread over eight levels leads to the conservatory vegetable garden, home to collections of ancient vegetables and edible flowers. A thirty-hectare AOC Vouvray vineyard cultivated by a passionate family is the icing on the cake.

Château de Valmer - Gardens - C.CHIGOT

Gardens of Valmer - N.BRUERE

Seize the moment and enjoy the nooks and crannies of Montlouis-Vouvray

It’s fair to say that when you go on holiday somewhere you want to see the region’s most important sites. But this sometimes prevents us from learning more about the real stories of the region, its soul.

Reugny  Church- A.CLEMENT

Fête des poules et des plantes - Château de la Bourdaisière - Touraine - Val de Loire

Montlouis-Vouvray has home hidden gems to discover. So-called “small-scale heritage” can sometimes leave us speechless. There is so much to learn about these sites, however, that the surprise is often bigger. With its historical riches, Montlouis-Vouvray boasts a river heritage with the needle weirs of the canalised Cher and the stoplog weirs of theCisse, a built heritage with churches and washhouses, once hotspots of community life… Discover these little historic spots that are sure to surprise you with the years they have seen pass by.

Washhouse- Chancay - N.BRUERE

Dam Roujoux - Veretz- A.CLEMENT

Here, time passes in step with the flow of our rivers. As you land, you can make out the fine ships that contributed to the wealth of the landscape and also to the trade activity of Montlouis-Vouvray: barges, traditional “fûtreaux” boats, some of which even invite you on board once again to sit back, relax and go with the flow.

Small boat on the Cher - Véretz - A. CLEMENT

Traditional "Fûtreau" boat Jean Bricau-Veretz-A.CLEMENT

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