Stone, rock, tuffeau, whatever its name! Sometimes white, sometimes yellow, when you see it from the inside it is fascinating. Go on, come on in and take a look!

A thousand-year-old rock, much more than just the guardian of wines…

Come into the cool, into a cellar dug into the tuffeau

Often dug out in the XI century, their use was firstly linked to the extraction of stones for the construction of monuments and châteaux in the Loire Valley. They were transported via the Loire, which was navigable at that time.

For hundreds of years, they have been used for storage space. Indeed, the constant temperature of the cellars, between 12-13°C, is the ideal setting for the vinification stage of wine. There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than to come and taste a glass of fine wine, chilled in a troglodyte cellar.

Like any wine of excellence, the wines of Montlouis and Vouvray go sublimely well with a gourmet meal.

Moncontour Wine Museum in Vouvray - C.CHIGOT

Cave - ODG-Montlouis

Enjoy a meal in this mineral setting

To have a good memory of a restaurant is of course a question of how the food tasted – a dish that made an impression on you or that dessert so beautifully presented on the plate. But lunch or dinner in an exceptional setting definitely adds a special something to your meal.

Having a meal in a troglodyte cellar means that in summer you are kept cool, while in winter, you are guaranteed a cosy atmosphere by the fireplace.

Gourmet meal - A.CLEMENT



Sleep in the warmth of this unusual

This is out-of the-ordinary accommodation, in direct contact with the stone and therefore with this mineral nature that has been around for centuries. Once a rather spartan place to live, technological progress means that it is now possible to enjoy these spaces in the utmost comfort. To be experienced!

TrogloBondes – Montlouis-sur-Loire – Mme Febvet

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Troglodyte sites

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Visits to cellars and vineyards

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Wake up underground

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