French Ministry of Culture renews for the eighteenth consecutive year the event “Rendez-vous aux jardins” which takes place in June, on the theme Transmission of knowledge. So, see you soon in our Touraine gardens!

A must for all nature lovers!

With two million visitors across 16 participating European countries, the aim of this original event is to introduce the public to over 2,000 public and private gardens.

50 shades of colours and scents!

During your stay in Touraine, make sure you don’t miss this event aimed at showcasing our gardens. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to the gardens, conservatory vegetable gardens and other botanical wonders on display.

A new theme is chosen every year to showcase our gardens and green spaces.


Château de Valmer - Gardens- C.CHIGOT

«Every garden is, first of all, how we learn about the weather, the rain, the wind, the sun and the passing of time, the cycle of the seasons. » Erik Orsenna

Our region offers you the opportunity to tap into your natural side with the Gardens of Valmer, the National Tomato Conservatory at Château de la Bourdaisière and the Renaissance garden of Château de Jallanges. A weekend bursting with colour!

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