Do you need fresh air? Escape yourself in our région! Alone, with family or friends, go pedaling in a friendly atmosphere while discovering lovely landscapes on the banks of the Loire and Cher.

A bike ride but with a difference

In summer, as part of a new edition of “Échappées à Vélo” (cycling excursions), you will be able to experience delightful activities.

From one of our villages, a bike ride will take you along shaded banks or small paths through the countryside.



Families can enjoy a little trail, while a more large circuit awaits the more adventurous cyclist.

There will be something for everyone among the myriad activities to be found along the way.

Tempting, isn’t it? So why not get going on some great cycling excursions?!

We are preparing a new edition especially for you this summer.

More information will be available on the page all events.