7 Loire Valley Appellation Wines in 7 incredible sites of Touraine. How about a cruise and a tasting on the Cher river ?

7 wines / 7 uncommon places

7 Appellation Wines of Loire Valley in 7 surprising sites of Touraine. Follow us !

How about spending a good time in our gardens, castles and surprising places with winegrowers from the Loire Valley for tasty tastings ?

Boat-trip on the Cher-OTMV_AC

Sunset on the Cher-OTMV_AC

A boat trip on the Cher, a tributary of the Loire River.

On board a 12-meter « fûtreau”, named Jean Bricau, a traditional navigation boat, you sail along the calm waters of the Cher with a breathtaking view of the town of Véretz. The Mariners of Jean Bricau are speaking of this historical heritage with passion.

A fûtreau is the smallest Loire boat, which was used by fishermen, travelers and local inhabitants. Today we use them for crossing from one river bank to the other.

Did you know ? From the 17th up to the 19th century, at a time when bridges were still uncommon, the Loire was the main trade route for transporting goods and was also a means of transport for the inhabitants of local villages. As a result Loire river travel grew up all along the royal river, bringing with it a multitude of different types of traditional boat, which can still be learned about today.




Tasting wines with Myriam from « Rendez-vous dans les Vignes »

Drifting down the river with a drink in hand, what a pleasure! Myriam will guide you tasting the wines of Montlouis with delicatessen like goat cheese or « rillettes » (potted meat). In August, 3 dates to experimente the meeting between saveur and relaxation.

Practical information : 25€ by person. Pre-booking is required