This year, the New Revivals event invite you to taste the riches of the Center-Loire Valley! A unique cultural, touristic and gastronomic season, and abundant through hundreds of events in the region: Tastings, exhibitions, shows, concerts, conferences, visits…

“Nouvelles Renaissances » an event for the next two years.

A first successful try!

Indeed, 2019 was an opportunity to celebrate the Renaissance in the region, with the event “500 years of Renaissances”. A successful bet that introduces the “New Renaissances 2020-2022” around 3 main themes :

And what’s going on around Montlouis-vouvray?

Around Montlouis-Vouvray, the site Jardins de Valmer or Rendez-vous dans les Vignes organize labeled events “Nouvelles Renaissances”. You can identifie theses manifestations by the logo below :

Carrying the wealth and creativity of a territory !

Throughout the season, you have the choice between various events, like exhibitions, shows, conferences, …

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