This year, the “NOUVELLES RENAISSANCES” event invites you to taste the riches of the Center-Loire Valley! After the success of the 2019’s event, here are new festivities around 3 major themes “Natural and historical heritage”; “Creation and culture” and “the art of living and gastronomy”.

“Nouvelles Renaissances » an event for the next two years.

A first successful try!

Indeed, 2019 was an opportunity to celebrate the Renaissance in the region, with the event “500 years of Renaissances”. A successful bet that introduces the “New Renaissances 2020-2022” around 3 main themes :

And what’s going on around Montlouis-vouvray?

Throughout the season, you have the choice between various events, like exhibitions, shows, concerts, conferences, …

Furthermore, around Montlouis-Vouvray, the site Jardins de Valmer or Rendez-vous dans les Vignes organize labeled events “Nouvelles Renaissances”. You can identifie theses manifestations by the logo below :

Every year, a theme is put on the spotlight.

The 2020 vintage will put the spotlight on French Art de Vivre and Gastronomy of our region. 

2 essential celebrations for this 1st edition :

  • The 10th anniversary of the inclusion of the French gastronomic meal in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.
  • The 20th anniversary of the Val de Loire register at Unesco World Heritage List.

Moreover, the “Goût de France” operation (website in french) is putting on the spotlight the Centre Val de Loire. In this regard, we are putting forward gastronomy and crafts. However, due to current events, this operation is postponed to 2021.

« La Signora e la rosa » photographie de Changki Chung pour le Château du Rivau 

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