Change your point of view, whether for a day or just a few short moments!
You have free rein of the Loire and the Cher throughout your stay. By car or by bike, you are at the water’s edge… Come closer and let yourself be gently rocked by this change of pace!

One of the most surprising experiences to be had is that feeling of total immersion when you, a traveller eager for new sensations, find yourself surrounded by these more or less calm waters. On the water, time slows down, giving everyone the opportunity to take in the wonders around them at a leisurely pace.

Become the captain of your own discovery

Fancy some fresh air or a rousing outdoor excursion? A canoe trip is sure to get your adrenalin pumping!

On board, paddles in hand, eyes wide open, uncover the secrets of the Cher or the Loire through their soothing landscapes. Carried by the current, crossing a lock becomes a real adventure and the variety of built heritage on the banks will make for an unforgettable excursion.

Finding your balance

The Loire lends itself to myriad activities. You’ve already been canoeing and would like to live a special moment while challenging yourself… Why not give paddle boarding a go? This adventure will lead you to master the rhythm of the river to continue your expedition. Push yourself to your limits to stay standing on the board while floating along the river and take the time to observe the fauna and flora of the Loire, which, in perfect harmony, greet you as you float by.

Canoeing on the Loire - A.Clément

Set sail for tradition

Among the many treasures of “Montlouis-Vouvray”, there are traditional sailing enthusiasts committed to preserving this river heritage so rich in history. From Véretz to Chenonceaux, you can discover the Cher aboard a traditional 12-metre “fûtreau” boat. This boat trip is the promise of a multi-sensory experience: let yourself be gently rocked by the lapping of the water, feel the air on your face, and enjoy an aperitif of local wine in the company of friends.

With your head in the clouds and your feet in the hold, you’ll be able to admire the changing colours of the vegetation along the river while hearing the sailor’s voice echoing around you.

Jean Bricau in the valley of the Cher- Véretz- F.MAILLY

On board of the Jean Bricau - A.CLEMENT